KOSUN Drilling Waste Management Equipment Attracts Many Customers

Lately, the performance of KOSUN drilling waste zero discharge equipment (After being treated by KOSUN Hi-G dryer, the mud is ≤1.03 in specific gravity) attracts many customers from different zone, which have approached KOSUN technical service engineering team in Wushen County oilfield drilling site in Inner Mongolia from Henan, Xinjiang, etc. These customers examined running conditions and treatment effects of KOSUN drilling waste management equipment on the oilfield site.

KOSUN technical service engineering team explained process flow of KOSUN drilling waste management system, working principles of centrifuge and Hi-G dryer to customers based on the live treatment system while drilling, and showed them excellent treatment effect of Hi-G dryer and vertical cuttings dryer. Below is the operation video of Hi-G dryer.

Video of Hi-G Dryer in Operation

Field Operation
Field Operation

KOSUN technical service engineering team has successfully completed maintenance of the drilling waste management system and is moving to another well site in Wushen County for engineering services of treatment while-drilling.

Another set of KOSUN drilling waste management system has delivered to the drilling crew, and installation and debugging are about to begin.

Perspective View of Oilfield
Perspective View of Oilfield

Besides providing More-Than-Customized services, one-stop drilling fluid solids control products and waste management products, KOSUN focuses more on the ecological environment we live in, devoting itself to research and development of multi-field environmental protection products to facilitate clean oilfield production and maintain clear water and blue sky, aiming at taking resources from the environment and returning cleanliness to the environment.

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