KOSUN Has Delivered ZJ70 Solids Control System to ZPEC

ZJ70 solids control system has been delivered to ZPEC, which is an international energy company of oil and gas enterprise in Shanghai. At the end of September of last year, KOSUN and ZPEC made the contract. The solids control system finally packaged and delivered to the enterprise. The cooperation for both of them is pleasant and successful.

Why ZPEC chose KOSUN to purchase solids control system? In short, KOSUN is a leader and expert in the solids control industry. It possesses high-end technology for solids control system. In order to suit different environment and drilling conditions, KOSUN provides three solids control systems, namely, Arctic Solids Control System, Skid-Mounted Solids Control System and Mobile Solids Control System. The first one suits polar cold conditions. The second KOSUN solids control system is suitable to be used on drilling wells with various depths and drilling fluids. The model is really a multifunctional one. The third one, Mobile solids control system is the integration of the first one and second one. It enables to meet the drilling requirement to save the time, improve speed and reduce cost.

In addition, KOSUN has a full set of solids control equipment. The best sale machines are linear motion shale shakers, decanter centrifuges and mud cleaners. If you want to get more information, welcome to have a close look at the site.

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