KOSUN Participates in Water Exhibition in Ukraine

During October 7th-10th, 2009, the 5-person sales team of KOSUN led by Geng Feng, the general manager and Liu Yiwei, the sales manager, came to UKRAINE for participating in AQUA UKRAINE water exhibition. Water exhibition of AQUA UKRAINE is the best exhibition about water treatment in UKRAINE which exhibits comprehensive water treatment, sewage treatment, water recovery & purification and ultra pure water areas of equipment and technology and services. AQUA UKRAINE is a comprehensive water treatment event, combining with the latest technologies, and also is the professional meeting inviting industry's leaders to discuss about the market trend and industry development.

KOSUN participated in water exhibition in Ukraine

As the largest manufacturer of centrifuge in Northwest China, KOSUN showed its latest design and technology of centrifuges on the exhibition. With strong ability on design and manufacture, the centrifuges produced by KOSUN were widely used in various industries such as food, medical, chemical, environmental protection, sewage treatment, water resources protection, and municipal engineering, etc.

The DC Series Centrifuge was displayed on the exhibition, which was made with the most mature design and technology. DC series Decanter Centrifuge is suitable to treat drilling fluids with particle ≥2μm in diameter, solid phase concentration within 2~70% and liquid viscosity υ≤0.01Pa·sPa, and does the separation of suspended liquid and clarifies fluid which contains a small amount of solid phase, meantime it is also suitable for the work of solid phase separation in other industries.

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