KOSUN Desander Cone and Desilter Cone

Desander and desilter are indispensable parts of solids control system, in which hydrocyclone cones are the key components. Following is the details in the use and capacity of desander and desilter cones, and then this article will introduce some manufactures who produce the desander and desilter.

KOSUN Desander Cone and Desilter Cone Design

Serviced as the second or third stage of solid control system, the desander and desilter are designed to be remove the solids entrained in drilling mud that have been treated by the first stage solid control equipment shale shaker.

The desander cone and desilter cones all are also referred as hydrocyclone cones made of high durable polyurethane with optional steel inserts, by which consistent productivity can be ensured. The separation process is carried out by employing centrifugal forces. In most drilling operations, desilter has been mounted on mud tanks after desander or combined with desander together as a mud cleaner set after shale shaker and vacuum degasser.

desander cone,desilter cone

KOSUN desander can be installed by one, two, or three 10” desander cones which each of those can process and make a separation between 45 and 75 microns, while for the desilter, the KOSUN desilter provides eight to twenty 4” or 5” desilter cones, and each of them process 80GPM to make a separation between 15 and 45microns.

Features of KOSUN Desander Cone and Desilter Cone

1. Simple structure, low cost, easy to install and operate. Large capacity, small footprint, wide application, strong adaptability, no power, maintenance free operation. Compared to mechanical cleaner, expanding pipe, buffer box and the like sand removal solids control equipment, desander cone has the advantages of small volume, large capacity,low investment and operation costs.

2. The swirl chamber and precipitation of desander indoor wall is provided with a guide plate, conducive to the formation of swirl sedimentation, so that impurities as soon as possible into the sewage collection device in the system, and the sudden increase in pressure, flow faster case waste collector to prevent impurities will not turn up, still keep the good sedimentation effect.

3. The water outlet is arranged at the lower part of stainless steel filter and water filter, dispersed flow, slow flow,suspended impurities further interception water; water forms rotating water stable on the screen below, suspended impurities gradually gathered around in the water, under gathered into loose small group, along the inner wall in the deflector under the waste collector.

In the inner wall of the equipment to the position of the water inlet is provided with a swirl plate and guide plate, conducive to the formation of vortex; strong impact resistance, prolong the service life of desander cone.

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