Why Choose KOSUN Solids Control System ?

KOSUN solids control equipment is mainly used for oil & gas drilling application. Our equipment effectively removes the solids from drilling fluids and maintains the mud properties.

Why Choose KOSUN Solids Control System ?

1. In solids removal, shale shaker is an economical option with minimal maintenance requirements and simple design. KOSUN shale shaker employs a linear motion technique resulting in longer shaker screen life and solids discards.

2. KOSUN provides mud cleaners in low profile and standard arrangements. Each unit comes with 10” desander and 4” desilter hydrocyclones, and KOSUN mud cleaner maximum reduced solid waste and increased drilling fluid recovery.

solids control system

3. KOSUN vacuum degasser is capable of separating all the hazardous gas maintaining the mud properties and density. Vacuum degasser is widely used in the oil & gas drilling application. Also, KOSUN degasser works as a big blender for the drilling fluids contribute to the treatment of desander and desilter

4. Decanter centrifuge plays a vital role in the solids control system. There are two main advantages in the solids control system. Foremost, centrifuge will maintain the mud properties and remove all the fine solids. On the other hand, it will recovery the barite for reusing purpose in the active mud.

5. Regarding to the mud mixing and storage system, we are also able to supply the mud agitators, mud guns, hopper and centrifugal pump etc. KOSUN mud mixing system has the capabilities to mix all kinds of chemical achieving the balance mud properties

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