Professional Solids Control Equipment and System Supplier

KOSUN is a supplier for offering professional solids control equipment and solids control system. With twenty-two years’ experience in solids control, KOSUN has a good performance in manufacturing solids control equipment and system.

Drilling mud shale shaker is the first phase of drilling fluids separation. Mud cleaner is the second or third phase. In details, mud Desander belongs to the second stage, and drilling mud Desilter is the third phase. Both of them can form a whole process, mud cleaner. KOSUN oilfield mud cleaners are famous for their compact designs with small footprint, precise particles separation. For example, KOSUN mud Desander separates the solids between 45 micron and 75 microns. As to oilfield mud Desilter, it can be used to make a separation of the drilling particles between 15 microns and 44 microns. The fourth stage is drilling mud centrifuge. KOSUN decanter centrifuges can be excellent in separating drilling cuttings above 2 microns in diameter, and give our drier solids.

For the drilling rigs, solids control equipment is important. However, solids control system is also vital. The system is the carrier where all solids control devices are assembled. KOSUN has developed three kinds of advanced solids control system, Arctic Solids Control System, Skid-Mounted Solids Control System and Mobile Solids Control System.

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