• 04

    On October 24, 540 pieces of shaker screens ordered by an Indian customer were inspected and packed into containers in KOSUN factory in Jingwei Industrial Park in Xi’an. ...

  • 30

    Recently, good news comes from KOSUN Marketing Center that KOSUN has won the bid for dedicated drilling fluids decanter centrifuge used at offshore platform of a CNOOC subsidiary by virtue of its excellent product performance and perfect after-sales service system. ...

  • 27

    Lately, the performance of KOSUN drilling waste zero discharge equipment (After being treated by KOSUN Hi-G dryer, the mud is ≤1.03 in specific gravity) attracts many customers from different zone....

  • 23

    In fruitful October, delivery for several sets of solids control systems customized for a Russian customer has all been completed. This successful cooperation between KOSUN and the Russian drilling service company further expands share of KOSUN solids control products in Russian market once again....

  • 21

    How do we avoid decanter centrifuge stoppages as much as possible?1.Minimize the need for gears or belts to drive the centrifuge.2.Control and maintain speed during the decanting process…...

  • 16

    As we know, decanter centrifuge is an common used unit in many industry. The effective centrifuging and fine drilled solids separation can remove significant quantities of inseparable solids. This significantly reduces the tranditional dilution requirements and drilling waste management volume....

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