KOSUN oilfield drilling fluid desilter belongs to the 3rd stage of solids control for drilling mud, which makes separations between 15 and 45 microns.

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Used as the third stage of solids control for drilling mud system, KOSUN Drilling Mud Desilter is really the preferred choice. KOSUN mud desilter can make the separations between 15 and 45 microns.

Features and Benefits of KOSUN Drilling Fluids Desilter :

1. 100% Polyurethane (PU) material for desilter cones with longer lifespan

2. Clamp type with easy maintenance

3. Compact design with small footprint

4. Flexible options for 8, 10, 12 16 or 20 in accordance with different capabilities

5. Fast and flexible connection for users 

KOSUN is a vital part of the world hydrocarbon exploration and production industry, as well as one of top three solids control equipment suppliers in China, which offers its products for CNPC, CNOOC ,HH, Gazprom, RG, etc . It is the forerunner of solids control equipment, which is specialized in decanter centrifuge,shale shaker,desander,desilter,mud cleaner,drying shaker,centrifugal pump,shale shaker screen,shear pump,vertical cuttings dryer,submersible slurry pump,mud agitator,jet mud mixer,desander cone,desilter cone,mud gun and complete solids control system. As the professional advanced decanter centrifuge supplier,KOSUN has won high recognition and praise from domestic and abroad with science core technique and a lot of innovative patents. At present, KOSUN's business scope mainly covers China mainland, Commonwealth of Independent States, North Africa,Australia, U.S.A. and etc.

Technical Parameters of KOSUN Drilling Fluids Desilter:

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