Screw Conveyer

Screw conveyer, commonly known as auger has horizontal, inclined and combined form, and can be used with other transport devices

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Screw Conveyor Application:

KOSUN screw conveyor (Auger)can be used in drilling waste management projects, providing an effective and low-cost drilling cuttings transport system for offshore and onshore drilling rigs. Adopting a multi-sectional composite structure with each section of 12 feet (3.66m), the screw conveyor can be flexibly assembled on different drilling sites, with characteristics of simple operation, stable structure, strong adaptability and high safety, significantly improving the operating efficiency of equipment and reducing the cost and resources. The flights of screw conveyor adopt wear-resistant material to ensure its service life.

The screw conveyor is designed based on strict safety standards. The U-shaped trough is equipped with grid shield to prevent foreign matters from entering and guarantee the safety of operators. The frame at the bottom can protect and support the screw conveyor, ensuring its structural stability.

Screw Conveyor Features & Benefits:

1.Efficient transportation: It features in compact structure and stepless speed regulation, achieves different capacities and meets requirements of various drilling conditions.

2.Flexible structure: It is assembled by several sections with each of 12 feet, and the total length can flexibly depend on the equipment layout at drilling site.

3.The U-shaped trough is equipped with grid shield to prevent foreign matters from entering and guarantee the safety of operators..

4.The flights of Auger adopt wear-resistant material to ensure its service life.

5.Reasonable design, advanced manufacturing process and perfect quality assurance system endow it with such significant advantages as small footprint, large load torque, low noise and no oil leakage.

Since 1992, with more than 20 years of industrial experience of manufacturing and design, KOSUN has won its reputation across the worldwide clients. It is the largest and professional drilling solids control equipment manufacturer in China. It can provide and design full range of solids control equipment for different operation capacities and requirements. The main products of KOSUN include oilfield shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pump, submersible slurry pump, shear pump, mud agitator, mud gun, jet mud mixer, mud tank, diesel tank, water tank, complete solids control system, etc.

Technical Parameters of Screw Conveyor:

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