How should we choose a treatment solution for oil-based drilling cuttings?
The leachate from oil-based drilling cuttings generated during drilling operations is highly toxic. Different types of chemical agents used in the treatment of cuttings form stable bridging structures between various pollutants and inorganic solids, resulting in a more complex composition. This objectively increases the difficulty and cost of the treatment process. Direct discharge or simple landfilling of oil-based drilling cuttings can cause serious soil and groundwater pollution. The cuttings may also contain a large number of pathogens, parasites, as well as heavy metals such as copper, zinc, lead, chromium, and mercury, which can severely impact human health and the ecological environment.
Characteristics of oil-based drilling cuttings: Typically, the oil content in drilling cuttings ranges from 10% to 40%, and the moisture content is around 10% to 20%. They also contain a significant amount of odorous and toxic substances such as benzene derivatives, phenols, anthracene, and pyrene. The composition is complex, belonging to a multiphase system consisting of water-in-oil (O/W), oil-in-water (W/O) emulsions, and a large amount of suspended solids. The viscosity is high, making it difficult for the solid phase to settle completely.
How should we choose a treatment solution for oil-based drilling cuttings?
KOSUN's oil-based drilling cuttings treatment system enables efficient classification and disposal of various types of drilling cuttings, ultimately achieving reduction, harmlessness, and resource utilization of drilling cuttings. The system has strong adaptability and high disposal efficiency. It can be used for water-based cuttings disposal as well as comprehensive treatment of oil-based cuttings with high oil content, solving the industry challenge of traditional equipment's lack of project universality.
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