Features and Uses of the KOSUN Decanter Centrifuge as a Solid Control Equipment
The decanter centrifuge is a continuously operated centrifugal filtration and separation equipment, which realizes the separation of solid and liquid by a rotating helical pusher.
The main features of a decanter centrifuge include:

1, Continuous operation, high working efficiency: can achieve efficient solid and liquid separation.
2, High degree of automation: the operation process can be automated, reducing the manual operation cost.
3, Wide range of applications: oil field decanter centrifuge is suitable for the separation of various types of suspension, including solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, oil, and water.
4, Low maintenance cost: the equipment is simple in structure and easy to maintain, reducing maintenance costs.
5, Environmental protection: solids control decanter centrifuge can achieve waste reduction and resource utilization, which is conducive to environmental protection.
In general, the sludge decanter centrifuge is a kind of separation equipment with simple operation, high efficiency, and a wide application range. The centrifuges produced by KOSUN are mainly used for drilling mud solid control equipment, drilling waste treatment, engineering mud water environmental protection treatment, etc. 
KOSUN Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer providing comprehensive solid waste treatment solutions in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, focusing on sludge reduction, and harmless, resources complete set of technology and equipment development and services. KOSUN relies on science and technology for development, and continuously provides users with satisfactory high-tech, high-performance, high-stability products is our constant pursuit.

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