Advantages of KOSUN Low Temperature Drilling Mud Solids Control System
The low-temperature drilling mud solid control system is a specialized equipment setup used in drilling operations conducted under low-temperature conditions. It is designed to effectively manage and control the drilling mud and associated solids, ensuring efficient drilling performance and protecting the wellbore integrity.
Low temperature resistance:
The low temperature drilling mud solid control system is equipped with a polar thermal insulation system. During drilling operations, the entire system, corresponding cable trays and leaking steam pipelines can be included in the thermal insulation shed, and is equipped with a polar steam heating system. Each tank The surface of the tank is equipped with 2 steam heaters, and with the insulation system, it can ensure the normal operation of the solids control system in the harsh environment of -45 degrees in the polar alpine region.
High strength:
The main profile of the No. 1 tank of the system is welded by Q345D low-alloy steel.
Flexible and flexible:
The low-temperature drilling mud solid control system can realize cluster drilling of multiple wells, the No. The track moves continuously over multiple wellheads.
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