Introduction to KOSUN in-drilling treatment process for drilling cuttings
1, Collection unit:
Waste drilling mud enters the spiral conveyor through the solid control equipment, while water is added for dilution and mixing. The mud then enters the sand and gravel separation, washing, and stirring device, where it undergoes agitation, washing, and spiral separation to separate a large amount of inorganic particles, small rocks, and cuttings from the mud. This reduces the impact of these substances on subsequent treatment and maintains good fluidity of the waste drilling mud. The separated and treated mud liquid is pumped into the mud storage and agitation tank, and treatment agents are added. After mixing and reacting, the mud is pumped into the second treatment unit.
2, Solid-liquid separation unit:
To reduce the moisture content and pollutants in the mud cake, the addition of treatment agents and multiple rounds of agitation and washing are essential. Through treatment with agents and repeated agitation and washing, pollutants in the mud are washed into the water. If there are petroleum contaminants, they need to be treated by an oil removal device first, with the recovered oil. The deoiled mud is pumped into a centrifuge for mud-water separation, and the separated solid materials in the mud can meet the standards for discharge. The separated water enters the collection tank and is then pumped to the first external treatment unit.
3, Waste water treatment unit:
The water separated by centrifugation contains a high concentration of suspended solids. It goes through an air flotation sedimentation and filtration system to remove suspended particles and reduce the organic content in the wastewater. It then enters the reverse osmosis system for concentration treatment. The treated wastewater that meets the standards is pumped into the reuse water tank and can be reused in production. The small amount of concentrated liquid can also be treated by evaporation and crystallization, and the crystallized salt can be sold to salt chemical production enterprises, turning waste into valuable resources.
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