Companies adhere to the "science and technology and quality counterparts, technology is the root, innovation is the soul, talent is the" business philosophy has always been entrepreneurial talent as the business development of the country, the competition, the development of the country. Companies adhere to the "first-class talent is the basis for building first-class enterprise" concept, always pay attention to personnel training and introduction.


Provide you with project design, process design, equipment purchase for your program development, according to your specific needs, design and manufacture products for your training, technical operations personnel

Sales Tracking

Accompany you to complete the inspection of equipment, construction plans and assist in the development process in detail


My company has a good moral character, skilled after-sale tracking service team free user training operating personnel and skilled workers.
▲ establish a complete equipment trace files and quality assurance system, regular visits to the user.
▲ equipment during use, For our service, 12 hours to respond 24 hours to reach the scene, speedy service is our aim.
▲ handshake today, tomorrow, friends, shake hands again tomorrow, the day after more brilliant, and you purchase equipment today is the beginning of our pleasant cooperation.
▲ Branch Xun mechanical staff will go all out for you to improve service work.
The company sent technicians to the scene to guide the equipment installation, commissioning and training of operating personnel
24-hour telephone service, service as usual holidays
Our caring service, manufacturing carefully desirable price, so that customers at ease.
      "Customer-oriented", to provide customers with a whole range of services;
      "To serve as the core," tailored to customers the most valuable products;
      "Focus on quality," full-service to customers!

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