Market Status of Oily Sludge Treatment
Oily sludge is mainly produced in crude oil extraction, oil and gas storage and transportation, crude oil storage and sewage treatment in refineries. According to data, China oil resources are concentrated in the eight basins of Bohai Bay, Songliao, Tarim, Ordos, Junggar, Pearl River Estuary, Qaidam and the East China Sea shelf.
Raw material of oily sludge:
Oil content: 20~80%
Water content: 20~60%
Solid content: 10~40%
Market Status of Oily Sludge Treatment:
1. Tens of millions of tons are left over from history, the disposal market is vast, the composition of oil sludge is complex, the sources are wide, and the composition differences are large; it is required that the sludge disposal technology has wide adaptability to raw materials.
2. The cost of comprehensive disposal continues to decrease; outdated small-scale technology cannot achieve profitability; sludge technology and equipment with low disposal cost are required.
3. Environmental protection policies are becoming stricter and the requirements for sludge disposal indicators are getting higher and higher; the market demands for sludge disposal technologies that are technically forward-looking, have good disposal effects, and have high application ductility.
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