KOSUN in-drilling treatment technology for waste drilling mud
KOSUN in-drilling treatment technology for waste drilling mud combines chemical and physical methods for comprehensive treatment of waste drilling mud.
This technology involves diluting the waste mud, breaking down the gel, and conducting solid-liquid separation to obtain rock cuttings, mud cakes, and water. The solid materials in the mud are subjected to washing and flocculation for solid-liquid separation, and the rock cuttings and mud cakes are properly disposed of. Harmful components and chloride ions in the mud are released into the water, and then dehydrated through vacuum adsorption or centrifugation to form mud cakes. The resulting water solution undergoes physical treatment to meet the required water quality standards, while the water is recycled.
Organic matter and other chemical substances in waste drilling mud exist in a state of water and ions, and the mud exists in a colloidal state, which makes it difficult to remove organic matter and other chemical substances. This technology uses composite and highly efficient gel breakers and flocculants to coagulate the waste mud, disrupting its colloidal stability and releasing the water solution from the mud. The water solution is then separated from the solid materials through vacuum adsorption, achieving solid-liquid separation, dehydration, oil removal, and desalination to meet national discharge standards. After removing the water solution through vacuum adsorption or centrifugal separation, a combination of composite filtration, fine filtration, and reverse osmosis processes is used to remove salts and other harmful substances from the water, ensuring that the treated water meets the required standards.
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