KOSUN DC Series Decanter Centrifuge's main features and notes of using
KOSUN DC Series Decanter Centrifuge's Main features:
1. DC series decenter centrifuge has a wide range of applications, which can be widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other fields requiring solid-liquid separation. Can complete solid phase dehydration, liquid phase clarification, liquid-liquid-solid, liquid-solid-solid three-phase separation, particle size classification and other separation processes;
2. Great adaptability to materials, wide range of solid phase particle size can be separated, and separation can be carried out as usual when the size of solid phase particle size is uneven;
3. Automatic, continuous and long-term operation, convenient maintenance and closed operation;
4. Large single production capacity, compact structure, small footprint and low operating cost;
5. The mixing content of solid sediment is generally higher than that of filter centrifuge, which is roughly similar to that of vacuum filter;
6. The solid sediment washing effect is not good.

Notes of using the DC Series Decanter Centrifuge:
1. Before preparing to install or operate the horizontal centrifuge, please read and follow all requirements in the manual;
2. Do not operate centrifuges with warning labels damaged or without warning labels;
3. When the feeding temperature exceeds the limit indicated in the data list of the three manuals of installation, operation and maintenance, no centrifuge is allowed to be used;
4. Do not start the centrifuge if there is ice water, freezing or hard substances in the drum;
5. Do not operate the centrifuge without belt cover and other protective facilities;
6. Check all automatic cut-off devices and monitoring systems regularly to ensure their normal operation;
7. Do not operate the DC series decanter centrifuge when cracks, dents, pores or grooves appear in the drum, motor or supporting frame of the centrifuge;
8. Do not disassemble the centrifuge if the centrifuge is not completely stopped, the main power supply is completely disconnected, and the main switch is disconnected and safely locked.
9. Follow all lubrication procedures and procedures for finding equipment;
10. Check the centrifuge and motor chassis and all supporting frames, casings and connecting pipe fittings at least once a year.


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