KOSUN sewage sludge treatment module application field sharing
1. Oil sludge from the tank bottom of the oilfield union station;
2. Aging oil in oilfield joint station;
3. Oil field landing oil;
4. Complex mixed sludge sludge in oil field industrial sludge sludge garbage pit;
5. Sediment isolation layer in the middle of natural subsidence and dehydration of oilfield joint station;
6. Oily scum produced during oilfield water treatment
7. Deoiling treatment of oil-based mud in oilfield drilling;
8. Bilge sludge from ocean-going oil tankers;
9. The oily sludge discharged from the ship's fuel oil and lubricating oil through the separator;
10. Oily sludge treatment in petrochemical plants;
11. Treatment of waste machinery lubricating oil and emulsified oil;
12. Refinery water treatment for oily scum and oily sediment, etc.;
13. Coal chemical extraction and storage of coal tar
14. Other mineral oil-containing sediment treatment.

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