KOSUN innovative project "Environmental Muck Treatment Equipment" won the third prize
At noon on August 13, 2022, the chairman of KOSUN participated in the final of the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Shaanxi Region) together with the technical team. The final process is an 8-minute PPT presentation of innovative projects, 7 minutes of expert question time, and on-site scoring and ranking . KOSUN innovative project "Environmental Muck Treatment Equipment" can separate solid and liquid muck produced in shield construction, reduce the total amount of outbound transportation, reduce unit price and overall transportation cost, and reduce the amount of shield muck. Chemical, harmless, and resource-based treatment, the treated solid phase meets the requirements of external transportation, water is recycled, and fine sand and stones can be recycled as building aggregates. The fine sand produced by the system separation is of high quality and can be used for underground shield tunneling. The post-grouting of the segment wall and some civil works meet the needs of customers, city management and resource protection. The system has been successfully put into use in the Shenzhen Metro project, and its good performance has been highly recognized by customers and has high market promotion value.
Environmental Muck Treatment Equipment
With the announcement of the list of companies to be awarded in the 11th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Shaanxi Division), KOSUN won the third prize in the energy conservation and environmental protection group of this competition, which fully shows that the level of KOSUN's innovation technology has been steadily improved. Remarkable achievements have been made in promoting innovation and development in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection. In the next step, KOSUN will continue to strengthen the innovation function of the enterprise, cultivate high-tech R&D talents, and take the leadership of the solid waste treatment industry and industrial clean production as its own responsibility. Solving the pain points of industry customers is the starting point, and together with upstream and downstream customers, we will continue to make our own contributions to the environmental governance of "Beautiful Earth".

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