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KOSUN can design and manufacture camp room,camo box,camp house,oilfield camp room for drilling site as the requirement of customers

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The Features & Benifits of Camp Room

1. The boundary dimension of the residential house:(length×width×height)8000*2500*2570mm(the interior net storey height is 2200mm)p

2. The boundary dimension of laundry,kitchen and dining hall: (length×width×height)10000*2500*2570(the interior net storey height is 2200mm)

3.  The main longeron and main beam of the residential house are made of No. 20 channel steel,the frame No. 14 channel steel and the secondary beam No. 10 channel steel.The base is welded with hot rolled sheet steel as thick as 3mm,supported by wooden stick in the middle part and covered with woodboard,on which laid Senda laminate flooring,with a layer of water-proof isolation foam in between.

4.  In laundry,kitchen and dining hall,the the main longeron and main beam at the base are made of No.20 channel steel,the frame No.14 channel steel,secondary beam No.10 channel steel and the base is welded with hot rolled sheet steel as thick as 3mm,covered with concrete,on which is laid skid-resistant tiles.

5.  The frames of platfond is constructed byδ14 channel steel in order to increase their  rigidity,the ceiling is constructed by quarter bend with dimensions as 50*30*4,the external layer of it is made by hot rolled sheet steel as thick as 3mm and internal layer,i.e.ceilings is decorated by double flame-retardant sandwich composite board as thick as 50mm.

6.  The four main pillars are made of square tubes with dimensions as 100*100*5mm,the external wall is constructed by corrugated board made from cold rolled sheet as thick as 2.5mm and the surface of internal wall is decorated by double flame-retardant sandwich composite board as thick as 50mm.

The electricity supply indoors

The electricity is connected into camps by industrial staple-lock couplings so that supply power for the rooms,air-cons and temporary lights.Besides,the power supply is quite safe and reliable due to the installation of built-in electric circuit and laying of PVC pipes between corrugated board and laminboard.

Surface processing and painting craftsmanship

The standard of sand blasting:

After the sand-blasted surface is processed,its surface cleanliness  should reach Sa2.5 and roughness Py30-70 um.

The materials of paint:

The primers should be epoxy zinc-rich paint,and the dry film be as thick as 60um;the undercoat ought to be epoxy mio barrior paint and the dry film as be as thick as 60 um;the finishing paint should be acrylic polyurethane paint and the dry film be as thick as 60 um.

The color of paint:

The surface of house is to be painted with white,the four corners and the upper frame sky-blue,the lower frame(the frame of base)black,liftinglug and clamp red and the sign of lifting rope on the liftinglug black.

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