KOSUN Tailings Management System sent to Gansu

Recently, a batch of Tailings Management System Equipment designed and manufactured by KOSUN according to the needs of customers in the mining field has been completed and shipped to Qingyang, Gansu. KOSUN After-sales engineers also arrived at the customer project site at the same time, carried out installation and debugging for the customer, and trained the usersoperators. At present, the Tailings Management System has been used normally, and the customer has reported that the system is running well.


Tailings Management System



The Tailings Management System is a drilling mud purification and recovery system customized for the mining geological exploration company. The model is KOSUN DZXT with an hourly treatment capacity of 6 ㎡, which is used for environmental protection tailings treatment in uranium exploration and mining. The integrated Tailings Management System consists of recovery system, purification system, mixing system, electric control system and so on.

Tailings Management System Equipment


The advantages of KOSUN Tailings Management System are high degree of automation, container structure is convenient for lifting and transportation, with good treatment effect, fully meet the local environmental protection discharge requirements, reduce the solid waste discharge and sewage discharge in the mineral mining process for users, and recover useful minerals at the same time.

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