KOSUN's CNOOC offshore drilling artificial island first set of fixed control system successfully put into use.
Recently, a complete set of solid control system produced by KOSUN has arrived at the CNOOC offshore drilling artificial island project site and put into use. This set of fixed control system is applied to offshore drilling platform. KOSUN strictly control the production quality, to ensure that products meet quality standards, process can completely satisfy the level 5 of drilling fluid solids control (screening - degassing - except sand silt - centrifugal), shipment of the equipment at the same time, KOSUN's solid control system technical service team to the scene, to be responsible for guiding system box installation debugging, and the construction of personnel training for equipment operation and maintenance.

The oil solid control system is mainly used to control and separate the solids of the oil drilling fluid. It allows the drilling fluid to be recycled.

The oil solid control system is mainly for the solid control and separation of oil drilling fluid, which is suitable for the drilling process of 2000-7000 meter oil Wells. The oil solid control system is composed of 3-7 modular combination tanks. The whole circulation system can be separated and connected between tanks and warehouses to meet the needs of drilling operations. The bottom valve of suction manifold is flexible to open and reliable to seal after closing. The whole circulation system is equipped with grade 5 purification equipment, supporting equipment vibration screen, sand and mud removal cleaner, vacuum deaerator and agitator, etc. The use of the new oil drilling mud purification system reduces mud discharge and has obvious environmental protection effect.

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