CP series centrifuge pump manufactured by xi 'an KOSUN is used for conveying mud.
CP series centrifuge pump manufactured by xi 'an KOSUN is used for conveying mud. It can be used as feed pump of desander and desilter, or mixing pump of jet mixing device. It can also be used as the filling pump of drilling mud pump.
With the deepening of the internal management system reform, the refinement of centrifugal pump fault management and maintenance has become a problem that people pay more and more attention to. It is an important way to improve the service life and efficiency of the centrifugal pump equipment to do a good job in daily maintenance and improve the protection mechanism.

Oil pump in the process of running, because management didn't pay attention to the daily management and maintenance, with the passage of use fixed number of year, the centrifugal pump is bound to appear all sorts of problem, such as leakage, noise, overload or current is too large, or low flow rate is insufficient or head, etc, these are the centrifugal pump of some common problems in the daily operation.

Features and advantages of KOSUN CP series centrifugal pump:
1. High wear-resistant hard alloy mechanical seal, long sealing life;
2. The impeller adopts a closed type to increase the outlet strength of the impeller, and the back blade is added to the rear cover of the impeller, which is conducive to improving the lift of the centrifugal pump and reducing the leakage.
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