KOSUN ZJ50 solid control system was sent to shaanxi coal shale gas exploration and development site
Recently, the production of KOSUN ZJ50 solid control system has been completed and sent to the customer's construction site smoothly. The system is equipped with a 5,000-meter drilling rig, which will help Shaanxi Coal shale gas mining project.

KOSUN solid control system adopts the shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, desilter, centrifuge five stage purification equipment, can meet the needs of drilling fluid circulation, perfusion, weight, drugs shearing and other process requirements, can according to different types of drilling rig and customer requirements, design, produce the high temperature resistant, low temperature, explosion-proof, prevent leakage, intelligent control, anticorrosion and other customized solid control system.KOSUN solid control system is widely used in oil, natural gas exploitation, shale gas exploitation, horizontal directional crossing and other fields and projects.
The solid control system includes TBM slurry separation (TBM slurry treatment system), trenchless mud water separation HDD mud recovery system, low-temperature drilling mud solid control system, mobile drilling mud solid control system, and skid-mounted drilling mud solid control system.
The TBM slurry separation system of shield tunneling has a good treatment effect on the mud generated in the construction of shield tunneling. KD series of shield tunneling mud water separation system is a modular system structure. The slurry separation system of shield tunneling is designed to deal with various kinds of mud used in the common construction technology of shield tunneling.

Trenchless slurry separation is developed, designed and produced to meet the requirements of trenchless technology.
In order to adapt to the polar (-40 ℃) low temperature drilling condition requirements, according to customer specific requirements to produce low temperature drilling mud circulation system suitable for special areas;

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