KOSUN has a variety of treatment methods for water based mud.
KOSUN has a variety of treatment methods for water based mud, according to the treatment and discharge of different conditions, there are a variety of disposal methods for waste mud, to meet the needs of different customers under different circumstances.

Drilling mud does not fall is a trend of environmental protection, water based mud does not drop system is by mud drying shaker and mud centrifuge and driller mud does not drop equipment combination.
Advantages of not falling mud:
1. The mud pool has disappeared.With the mud floor system, the moisture content of the residue filtered by the mud is very small, which can be transported directly by truck, so that the mud pool can not be used, which greatly reduces the land area.It maintains the ecological security of soil and guarantees the environmental protection benefit of land resources.
2. Minimize environmental risks.The waste in drilling process is processed with drilling, which can realize the "no drop" of mud, and completely eliminate the potential pollution risk of waste mud solidification in situ.Not only the well site is clean, but also the environmental protection goal of "zero emission" is achieved.It has brought qualitative improvement to the environmental protection management of oil field drilling enterprises.

3. Recycling of wastes.The moisture content of mud cake produced by solid-liquid separation can be controlled within 20%, dry and hard.It can provide cheap raw materials for brick factories and ceramicite factories, and can also regenerate soil by microorganisms, so as to realize the reuse of solid waste resources and turn waste into treasure.
4. Equipment standard modularization.The whole equipment while drilling adopts skid-mounted design, which is convenient for moving while drilling and ADAPTS to the industry characteristics of large liquidity in oil field exploration and development.
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