KOSUN river channel dredging and dehydration separation system is a sludge and sewage separation device for river desilting
River dredging must produce a large amount of sludge, the sludge generally high moisture content, low strength, part of the silt may contain toxic and harmful substances, the toxic and harmful substances are easy to leaching after rain wash, thus cause secondary pollution to the surrounding water environment, therefore it is necessary for desilting after treatment and disposal of sludge in a reasonable manner.
KOSUN river channel dredging and dehydration separation system is a sludge and sewage separation device for river desilting, which is composed of shale shakerdesander, desilter and horizontal screw centrifuge. According to different situations, the 3-6 stage separation system can be selected.

River channel dredging and dehydration separation system can be divided into skid-mounted type and vehicle-mounted type according to the structure. The suitable structure can be chosen according to the actual situation.

Advantages of KOSUN river channel dredging dehydration and separation system:

1. Avoid secondary pollution caused by improper disposal of river silt;

2. Continuous automatic production, large capacity and low moisture content after treatment;

3. Through the dredging, dehydration and separation system of the river, the water can be reused;

4. The mud is paste and can be transported;

5. Realize the reduction in the links of resource transportation and storage;

6. Ensure the resource utilization of wastes and ensure the smooth water transmission in river channels;

7. "dredge" the river to ensure the drainage, flood control and irrigation functions;

8. Improve river water quality, promote ecosystem health and enhance river landscape.

River channel dredging and dehydration separation system to river silt treatment to the moisture content is below 80%, and greatly reduce the volume of sludge, so that it can convert ordinary residue in car to pickup of treated sludge, so as to make the pickup cost greatly reduced, for the average quantity of dredging projects, the construction on the freight at least could save tens of thousands of dollars per day.

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