KOSUN's screen is divided into three types
KOSUN is mainly engaged in the design and processing of mechanical products of solid control system, especially the oil drilling fluid, crossing system equipment and shield system equipment accessories, butterfly valve, bearing, cyclone, packaging materials, steel and wood foundation, screen and so on. Our company is a professional oil drilling fluid solid control system manufacturers, to provide customers with quality solid control system, manufacturers have the advantage of price, and provide customers with satisfactory after-sales service and technical support.

KOSUN can produce vibrating screen, cleaner, desander, sludge remover supporting screen, but also can provide flat screen, BLOUNT KING COBRA frame net. KOSUN can also be customized according to customer requirements for various types of vibration screen supporting screen.
KOSUN's screen is divided into three types: flat screen, drilling fluid vibrating screen and mud vibrating screen.

Through the improvement of the fixed way of the screen on the frame and the pressing way of the frame on the vibrating screen body, the current situation of the original vibrating screen broken in two or three days is completely changed.
As the reliability of the equipment has been improved, the maintenance time has been saved, labor productivity and working efficiency have been improved, and the orderly and normal production has been guaranteed.
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