Sources and main hazards of oilfield drilling waste mud
Oil sludge and other pollution produced in oil fields are extremely harmful to the environment. If mud waste is not treated, accidental dumping or loss can easily cause serious damage to the natural environment. At the same time, since the exploitation of oilfields has become the need of social and economic development, oilfields are exploited by various techniques. The replacement of different mining technologies has increased the types of mud sources in oil fields, and the number of toxic and harmful substances has also increased. Therefore, it is more practical to study the treatment process of oilfield sludge. The ability to dispose of waste is an important function in current oilfield operations.
The garbage residue from the drive is mainly from the mud, which is produced by changing the shape of the excavated mud, the mud discarded after excavation and the mud produced by the leakage of the mud circulation system will pollute the environment to a certain extent. Mortars produced by changing geometrical features are no longer suitable for engineering and geometrical engineering requirements, thus generating waste disposal mud. At the same time, some mud doesn't work well, so removing it minimizes environmental harm after the mud has been dug. The waste mud produced by oil field drilling is left in the well and the mud on the surface of the drill bit is cleaned with purified water; the mud leakage in the mud circulation refers to the mud that flows through the running drop, leaks and flows into the circulation system. The main composition of sludge depends on the type of sludge and additives used to meet drilling requirements.
From the analysis of typical situations, the main components of sludge wastewater, petroleum, clay, heavy metals, mud treatment agents and clogs. Hydrocarbons, various organic polymers like salts, lignosulfonates, and other heavy metals such as Seberly, copper, lead, and barite residues are the main pollutants in fine-grained mud. Improper disposal of oil well waste will affect soil fertility and crop growth, endanger animal health, damage food quality and endanger human health. Therefore, there is an urgent need to study the sludge immersion technology in oilfields.

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