The circulating system of the construction piling slurry separation equipment
At present, the treatment and separation of pile foundation mud is mainly the method of mechanical treatment and separation. After mechanical treatment and separation, it can be made into a semi-dry state, which is convenient for transportation and can be accumulated without dripping. There are many equipment for mechanical processing and separation, but the more commonly used is the decanter centrifuge, which is mainly based on the principle of centrifugal separation.
The centrifugal separation solid-liquid method is a more commonly used solid-liquid method in the market. Its operating principle is simple, so there are many manufacturers, and to choose a good-quality centrifugal solid-liquid machine, you need to conduct in-depth inspections.
Urban rail transit construction, commercial housing construction, etc., will produce drilling mud, and the cast-in-place pile is made by directly forming holes on the pile site, and then placing a steel cage in the hole and pouring concrete. The cast-in-place pile can adapt to various stratums, no need to connect to the pile, there is no vibration, no soil squeezing, and low noise during construction. It is suitable for use in densely-built areas. The construction technology of cast-in-place piles has developed rapidly in recent years, and many new technologies have emerged. What we are talking about here is mainly the mud water produced by the bored piles with mud protection wall.

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