The liquid and gas separator produced by KOSUN is a very good liquid gas separator.
The liquid and gas separator produced by KOSUN is a very good liquid gas separator. The gas intrusion drilling fluid enters the separator from the tangent line of the liquid inlet of the separator and falls on the specially designed series of internal baffles along the inner wall. The collision increases the exposed surface area and flows downward, resulting in the turbulent state and separating the gas and drilling fluid. The free gas is discharged through the gas outlet of the top irrigation. The length of the exhaust pipe is determined and matched by the site, and it is led to the safety place. The drilling fluid after degassing is discharged into the circulating tank.

Features and advantages of the liquid gas separator:
1. Separation and discharge of a large number of free gases in the mud system, including toxic gases, such as hydrogen sulfide;
2. The separated gas is discharged to the safe area of the wellsite through the discharge nozzle path for combustion;
3. The equipment is coated with anti-corrosion coating, which can extend the service life when dealing with corrosive gases;
4. There is a special channel for gas separation in the tank of liquid and gas separator, which makes the gas drainage unobstructed and improves the gas treatment effect;
5. The liquid-gas separator adopts centrifuge separation, physical shock separation, vacuum separation and other separation technologies to ensure the gas separation effect.

In general, the liquid and gas separator is installed on the side ground of the mud tank. The ground shall be horizontal, solid and equipped with anchor bolt pit. When installation, use crane to lift the lifting lug on the top of the main body to lift vertically with the ground, slowly put it down, and then use steel wire rope from the upper part of the main body and the ground to take up, to ensure the main body and the ground is vertical, casting anchor bolts, fastening.
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