Working principle of core equipment for oil drilling waste mud treatment
KOSUN oil drilling waste mud treatment equipment, can be fully automatic operation, the machine has large processing capacity, mobile operation, low cost, small footprint, simple operation, good separation performance, strong adaptability, low labor intensity, Intelligent control and other advantages. KOSUN solid-liquid separation equipment is specially suitable for oil drilling mud, sand washing wastewater treatment, mining mud dewatering, tailings mud treatment, washing platform mud dewatering, ore washing wastewater treatment and other mud and water separation.
Working principle of core equipment for oil drilling waste mud treatment
The core equipment of oil drilling waste mud treatment-centrifuge main consists of rotating drum, screw propeller, big end support plate, small end support plate, differential, main drive motor, auxiliary drive motor, hydraulic coupling, bearing seat, rotating body It consists of a shield, a transmission shield, a transmission belt, a control box and a base. The bowl and the screw propeller are the core components of the centrifuge, where the solid phase separation of the drilling fluid is carried out. 
When the centrifuge is working, the drilling fluid enters the centrifuge through the liquid inlet pipe, and under the action of the centrifugal force field, the drilling fluid forms a liquid circle on the inner wall of the bowl. The solid phase with high density is thrown to the outer layer of the liquid ring, and is closely attached to the inner wall of the drum to form a solid phase layer, while the liquid phase with low density and the suspended colloidal clay are in the inner layer of the liquid ring. The scraper of the screw propeller scrapes off the solid phase layer attached to the inner wall of the drum and pushes it to the small end dehydration area. The propeller is sent to the small end underflow nozzle for discharge. The liquid phase in the inner layer of the liquid ring is discharged from the overflow hole of the big end and enters the circulation system.

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