Drilling waste treatment system, there are different solutions for water-based mud and oil-based mud.
Drilling waste treatment system, there are different solutions for water-based mud and oil-based mud, using different equipment and treatment methods.
Xi 'an KOSUN oil based mud waste treatment system integrates screw conveyer, vertical cutting dryer, collection tank, cuttings box, screw pump centrifuge and other equipment, which is suitable for waste slurry treatment while drilling and waste slurry treatment after drilling.

With the constant improvement of the environmental protection requirement, puts forward higher requirements on drilling field cutting processing, the emergence of cuttings purification system, not only can very good to solve the environmental problems, at the same time to the waste of the solid control system to produce secondary recycling, can maximize the retention of mud is useful at the same time, to focus again after processing of drilling cuttings curing processing, reduce the field work for the destruction of the environment.

As the core equipment for oil based mud treatment, the vertical cutting dryer produced by fast can reduce the oil content of all drillings to less than 6%, which is in line with emission standards in many parts of the world.Our future goal is to reduce the oil content of all oil-based mud cuttings discharged into the environment to 5% or less.

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