KOSUN Black Rhino Tail Slurry Treatment System Put into use i

Recently, KOSUN black rhino Tail Slurry Treatment System was installed and commissioned in the construction of the first subway line in Mumbai, India, and officially put into use. The project is mainly used to deal with a large amount of tailings treated by the mud-water separation system during the construction of the shield machine.

Tail Slurry Treatment System

KOSUN black rhino Tail Slurry Treatment System is mainly used for large-volume centrifuge units, and is used with automatic dosing devices. The total processing capacity of the system is 200m3/h, and the whole process is automated. After separation, the solid phase meets the foreign transport standard of the local environmental protection department of Mumbai, the liquid phase meets the recycling requirements, and the noise meets the city standard. The whole system is designed as a skid-mounted structure, which can be placed on the platform where the construction site is poured. The overall footprint is small, the operation and maintenance are convenient, and the treatment effect is highly recognized by customers.


The commissioning of the environmentally-friendly Tail Slurry Treatment project has attracted extensive attention from customers at home and abroad, laying a good foundation for the development of the company's infrastructure market in India. KOSUN is confident to help more subways in more markets around the world in bridges, tunnels, piling and other projects. To provide more customers with professional, high quality, high efficiency, cost-effective solid-liquid separation equipment, systems and services.

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