Shield Slurry Separation system Flowchart
KOSUN Environmental Black Rhino Shield Slurry Separation system is divided into coarse-screen shaker module, desander module, desilter module and tail slurry treatment module. Through the slurry preparation and mixing equipment, achieve the flow balance, material balance, circulation slurry adjustment and rapid replenishment of shield circulation system.
Shield Slurry Separation system

Adopt the desander and desilter modules of Shield Slurry Separation system to guarantee a good separation effect of sand and mud in the shield circulation mud. Select a remote control mode of PLC centralized control room for the system to realize the remote centralized control and real-time monitoring of ground slurry treatment system.
Equipment the system with a Hi-G dryer to make the water content in waste slag not more than 25%, which is suitable for dump truck to directly transport the slag, reducing mud leakage. In the tail slurry treatment module, use centrifuge or filter press to treat redundant waste slurry so as to guarantee the zero discharge of ground engineering mud and water recycling.

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