KOSUN share: oil sludge treatment plan and process of oil companies
Oil sludge treatment scheme and process of petroleum enterprises
The oil sludge treatment scheme and process of oil companies are a complete set of process systems for the sludge separation and harmless treatment. Oil sludge is one of the main pollutants produced during the development and production of oil fields in drilling, fracturing, test production, operations, petroleum treatment, oily sewage treatment, petroleum storage and transportation, etc. If it cannot be effectively and timely treated and resolved, Will lead to a decline in the quality of people's living environment, and will seriously disrupt the normal law of soil growth.
A sludge treatment scheme has many successful cases in oil sludge separation in petroleum companies. This sludge treatment scheme combines comprehensive technological processes such as sludge quenching and dehydration, low-temperature pyrolysis, and pyrolysis residue fuelization. It is a scheme of multiple treatment technology combinations.
The technical process of this solution is: first add a pH adjuster to the sludge to adjust the pH to 7-8, then add inorganic flocculants and organic flocculants for dehydration treatment, and the dehydrated oil-containing sludge enters the pyrolysis device for low-temperature pyrolysis. The gas produced by pyrolysis enters the gas recovery device for recycling; the produced oil and water enter the oil-water separation device for oil-water separation, the separated oil enters the oil storage tank for recycling, and the separated water enters the sewage treatment device or oil field water treatment system; The pyrolysis residual sludge is added to the fuel preparation device to make use of the ignition agent, combustion accelerator, binder and desulfurizer. This solution effectively solves the problem of sludge treatment technology in oil fields and refining and chemical enterprises.
This sludge treatment scheme and process are more suitable for sludge treatment with oil content exceeding 10%, and sludge treatment with water content of more than 70%, and can achieve harmless treatment of oily sludge, recover crude oil in sludge, and realize resource reuse. purpose.
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