What are the methods of oilfield sludge treatment?
What are the methods of oilfield sludge treatment?
Oil field sludge treatment price is determined by various treatment methods of oil field sludge. Oilfield sludge treatment often adopts a single treatment method. The technology cannot meet the requirements for the economic resource and environmental protection of oil sludge. Therefore, the organic combination of multiple technical methods will generate different treatment prices, which can better meet the requirements. Various standards for oilfield sludge treatment are also an ideal trend for oilfield sludge treatment in the future.
The price of sludge treatment depends on the sludge treatment method, and the sludge treatment method is based on the different characteristics of the sludge to decide on the appropriate treatment plan, which will lead to its appropriate treatment price. The various treatment methods for sludge today are generally summarized as follows. The combination schemes and their prices are different.
Microbial treatment method, fluidized pyrolysis method, compost treatment method, curing treatment method, heat treatment method, cleaning and centrifugation treatment method, incineration treatment method, chemical treatment technology, quenching and tempering mechanical treatment method, solvent extraction method, phytoremediation method, etc. .
The above oilfield sludge treatment prices are specifically determined by the combination of suitable treatment methods according to the requirements of the sludge.
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