Advantage of Mobile Solids Control System
Advantage of KOSUN Mobile Solids Control System:
-Easy to move: it can be installed and flexibly moved on various trailers (like, tire trailer, skid trailer, etc.)
-Compact in design: the skid-mounted principle is applied on it since it may be easily moved with all its functional components integrated on one base.
-Easy to assemble: it is generally manufactured and assembled in factory and its assembly would not take much time.

Mobile Solids Control System
Solids control system is also called drilling fluids purification system, primarily applied for solids control and solid-fluid separation in drilling fluids so that the drilling mud might be recycled. Consisted of 3-7 module composite tanks and configured with 4 phases of purification equipment, it is fit for 2000-7000 meter oil drilling processes.
The whole system is innovative with the bottoms of its purification tanks made to be conical and its edges equipped with mud agitating system to prevent solids from depositing. Besides, its tanks and bins may be comparted or united depending on the demands of drilling processes. Each of them is connected to another via pipe network in which the valves at the bottom of suction pipes are flexible while being opened, but can turn to be a good seal when closed.

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