Optimization of drilling fluid solid control system
The research and application of drilling fluid desilting and desilting all-in-one machine, in the process of purifying drilling fluid, at the same time remove the influence of mud and sand impurities, reduce the content of solid phase particles, so that it can meet the requirements of drilling complex structure. Drilling fluid desanding and desilting all-in-one machine combines the functions of desander, desilter and shaker to reduce the number of processing equipment, improve the operation efficiency of equipment and achieve the best removal effect. The design structure of the all-in-one machine is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.
Optimize the circulating system of drilling fluid solid control, install the connecting valve between the tank and the tank of the solid control system on the outside of the tank, simplify the connecting pipeline in the tank, prevent pipeline damage, and increase the workload of maintenance. Mud pump only from the adjacent tank into the fluid, reduce the mud pump resistance, reduce the mud pump energy consumption, improve pump efficiency, ensure the normal circulation of drilling fluid, to meet the technical requirements of complex drilling construction. Reasonably design the pipeline direction in the tank, reduce the sediment of drilling cuttings, avoid a large amount of mechanical impurities at the bottom of the tank, and bring pressure to the tank cleaning operation.
Improve the handling capacity of the solid control system, maintain the performance of the drilling fluid system, and provide safety measures for complex drilling operations. Continuously research and develop new technical measures of the solid control system, so that it can be verified in the drilling construction site, to achieve better solid control effect.

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