KOSUN KD series sludge treatment system is applied to sludge reduction disposal in pile foundation construction site of a high-rise hotel in high-tech zone.
In recent years, KOSUN slurry treatment equipment with competitive quality and price advantage won the favour of customers at home and abroad, two sets of custom in xi 'an region last week KD series engineering mud treatment system successfully completed, will be sent to customers located in xi 'an high-tech zone construction engineering field use, in order to solve in the process of high-rise building pile foundation construction of sludge reduction emissions and recycling use.

KOSUN KD series mud treatment system is targeted at construction projects, bridge pile foundation engineering, underground tunnel shield tunneling engineering and trenchless engineering construction used in the mud and protecting the development of a mud purification processing machinery, meet the requirements of reverse circulation drilling wall hole formation process, main equipment configuration have sieve sieve unit, desanding swirl device, and gravel pump and electric control system and other auxiliary equipment, rotary digging pile foundation drilling using capacity can reach 500m³/h.

In the drilling process of mud, the proportion, viscosity and sediment content of mud cannot meet the requirements of mud performance due to the continuous entering of drilling slag, so it must be treated or purified, mainly for solid and liquid separation, and the drilling slag in mud is separated and discharged for recycling. KD system suitable for the circulating drilling process of slurry balance shield, continuous wall, pile foundation engineering of the purification of mud, mud property, the increase of using the system to control quality of pore-forming and efficiency, to fully support and ensure the safety equipment running well, the rotating drill pile increase mud recycling use, not only save construction cost, also can reduce emissions, reduce environmental pollution, is an economic, efficient and environmental construction is the necessary equipment.

The professional team of KOSUN continuously summarizes the experience and technology of environmental protection treatment of waste soil and sludge in construction projects, and continuously optimizes the equipment structure and improves the product performance. KOSUN sludge water environmental protection treatment equipment has been put into use in many countries at home and abroad.
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