Out of nowhere! Tarim oilfield has discovered a large gas field of 100 billion cubic meters.
As the Chinese people celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Bozi 9 well test of petrochina tarim oilfield co., LTD was successfully conducted. The natural gas output was 418,200 cubic meters per day, and the condensate output was 115.15 cubic meters. Tarim oilfield within a year in the south of the Tianshan mountain there is a hundred billion cubic gas field. This marks the emergence of the second trillion-square-atmosphere area in the Tarim basin.
Bozi 9 well is a pre-exploration well in karasu structural belt of kuqa depression, tarim basin. It was drilled in October 2017 and completed in March this year. It is a super deep well with a depth of 7,880 meters.

In tarim oilfield company, the deputy general manager Tian Jun said the success of the 9 Wells, found that the implementation of the Bozi 9 scale gas reservoir gas, oil and gas area of 40.9 square kilometers, is expected to reservoir thickness, a total of 178 meters, preliminary estimate natural gas geological reserves of 115.3 billion square, condensate oil 21.66 million tons, it marks the tarim oilfield, and found a more than one hundred billion party ready, good quality, high yield of condensate gas reservoir
According to the Tarim oilfield company of China petroleum corporation, the fracturing test of well Bozi 9 shows that there are still high-quality reservoirs in the Kuqa depression at a depth of 8000 meters, which shows the great exploration potential of the Kuqa deep and provides an important basis for further exploration. At present, nearly 50 structures have been discovered in Boz-Dabei gas area, with a total natural gas resource of 1.2 trillion cubic meters and an estimated proven geological reserves of over 1 trillion cubic meters.

"Production is expected to begin in the area as soon as November." Tian Jun said that the breakthrough of Bozi 9 well not only added "bottom gas" for the construction of 30 million tons of large oil and gas field in Tarim oilfield, but also added new gas sources for west-east gas transmission and southern Xinjiang gas consumption, so as to further guarantee domestic natural gas supply.
More than 80% of China's proven reserves of deep condensate oil and gas are concentrated in Tarim basin. At present, the Tarim oilfield has successfully developed 14 ultra-deep and ultra-high pressure complex condensate gas fields such as Yaha, Dina 2 and Tazhong 1, forming an annual condensate capacity of more than 2 million tons and 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas, and building an ultra-deep condensate oil and gas production base in China.
Tarim oilfield is the third largest onshore oil and gas field in China, and also one of the main sources of west-east natural gas transmission. It undertakes the task of supplying natural gas to 15 provinces and cities in east and north China, more than 120 large and medium-sized cities with a population of about 400 million and more than 3,000 enterprises.
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