A liquid - gas separator is ideal for drilling when a blowout, kick, or operator is drilling with an underbalanced mud column.
liquid - gas separator is ideal for drilling when a blowout, kick, or operator is drilling with an underbalanced mud column. KOSUN's liquid-gas separators are used to separate large amounts of free gas from drilling fluids, including toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Through the field verification, the liquid and gas separator produced by KOSUN is the safety equipment recognized by customers at home and abroad.

When the liquid and gas separator is not in use, clean the drilling fluid in the equipment and wash it with water. It is strictly forbidden to store the mud in the separator to prevent the mud from being used normally after it is dry and solid. In general, the liquid and gas separator is installed on the side ground of the mud tank. The ground shall be horizontal, solid and equipped with anchor bolt pit.

Characteristics of KOSUN liquid-gas separator:
1. The liquid and gas separator adopts bottom drain and sewage to control the level of working liquid to ensure the constant level in the separator and solve the problem of sand accumulation in the tank;
2. There is a special channel for gas separation in the tank of liquid and gas separator, which makes the gas drainage unobstructed and improves the gas treatment effect;
3. The liquid-gas separator adopts centrifugal separation, physical shock separation, vacuum separation and other separation technologies to ensure the effect of gas separation;
4. Buffer devices are installed at all corners of the liquid and gas separator supply pipe, and impact resistant baffles can be replaced. Regular inspection and replacement can be carried out according to the wear condition, extending the service life of the equipment;
5. The sulfur-proof liquid-gas separator adopts special materials for manufacturing and treatment, which can completely prevent the damage of hydrogen sulfide gas in the gas to the equipment.
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