Domestic requirements for the treatment of oily sludge
Oily sludge phyletic and various, complicated nature and corresponding processing technology and equipment also showed a trend of diversification, the oily sludge treatment technology has fluidization - conditioning - centrifugal screening process, heat treatment process, chemical heat treatment, chemical burn, chemical wet oxidation treatment, biological treatment method, solvent extraction and comprehensive utilization of oily sludge, etc.

At present, the combination of physical method and chemical treatment is widely used at home and abroad, which is known as temperature-mechanical dehydration process. This technology is relatively mature and widely used in oil fields in Europe and America with good treatment effect. The disadvantage of this method is that the treatment effect will be affected by the sludge source. For the sludge containing a large number of bricks, tiles, roots, plastics and other sundries, it needs supporting pretreatment equipment and process.

Around in the world, because of the differences in geological and geographical conditions, soil organic matter on the degree of tolerance, so for the total petroleum hydrocarbon in the sludge or oil content, there is no unified standard in the world, but a lot of countries and regions, according to the actual situation of the region in accordance with the laws and regulations or guidelines put forward the corresponding field in the form of special indicator, the oil content and organic matter in soil and sludge heavy metal content and puts forward the corresponding limits. Most of the requirements of oily sludge treatment are directly related to the final disposal of sludge.
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