Discrimination and adjustment of deterioration of hydrocyclone operation.
Operation method of hydrocyclone:
1. Before the preliminary test, all connection points of the hydrocyclone unit should be secured, and all kinds of residues in the pipelines and unit boxes should be eradicated to prevent leakage and blockage after starting. Ensure that the work of the cyclone valve fully open;
2. The valve can be fully open or completely closed, but it is not allowed to be in semi-open condition;
If possible, please test with water first. The feed of the cyclone may be supplied by means of pump or high slot. If the pump and cyclone throughput match, the pressure gauge flashes a steady reading;
4. When the equipment works smoothly under normal pressure, check the leakage at the connection point and take remedial measures if necessary;
5. Check the blockage caused by the residue entering the cyclone. The blockage of the inlet of the hydrocyclone will reduce the overflow and sand settling flow. In case of blockage, close the cyclone feed valve in time to eliminate the plug. In order to prevent blockage, equipment to prevent coarse materials and sundries can be added to the feed pool in the hydrocyclone group. When parking, the feed pool should be emptied in time to prevent the blockage caused by precipitation and excessive concentration when driving again.
6. When the equipment is proved to work well by water test, the slurry can be input.

Discrimination and adjustment of deterioration of hydrocyclone operation:
1. There are many coarse particles in the overflow, and the settling sand is discharged in a columnar shape, which proves that the cyclone is blocked and should be cleaned in time;
2. The occurrence of rope-shaped discharge of settling sand proves that the concentration of ore feeding is too high, and the concentration of ore feeding should be timely scheduled;
3. The hydrocyclone has a long time of severe shaking, which proves that the cyclone is blocked, the demand drop pressure and the number of multiple cyclones are open, or it can be cleaned with a large sand nozzle.
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