The KD series mud water separation system produced by xi 'an KOSUN
Modern urban traffic pressure is increasing, which promotes the rapid development of urban subway. Now subway construction is given priority to with shield construction, metro tunnel construction in the shield method, the constraints from the excavation of the waste residue after adding water, bentonite, foam and other additives, mixed stirring evenly, make the waste residue has better flow plasticity, shield driving forward continuously, the excavation of sediment by soil bin, screw machine, belt, storage battery and gantry crane slag into the final.
However, due to the addition of a large amount of water, bentonite, foam and other additives, the excavated residual soil has a large amount of water content, and the external transportation of residual soil has become the most troublesome problem for city managers and construction units. Construction units in order to speed up the work, will have to be a very large water content of the residual soil directly loaded onto the truck to transport, the residual soil in the process of transportation along the road spilt to the image of the city brought a very bad impact.

The KD series mud water separation system produced by xi 'an KOSUN is used in mud water balance shield engineering to separate the solid particles from the mud and realize the purpose of mud recycling. The KD series mud and water separation system developed by KOSUN company can be customized to meet the actual requirements of customers.
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