Advantages of KOSUN horizontal screw centrifuge in river dredging system.
River dredging is bound to produce a large amount of silt, which generally has a high moisture content and low strength. Some of the silt may contain toxic and harmful substances, which are easy to leach out after being washed by rain, thus causing secondary pollution to the surrounding water environment. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the silt after dredging.
KOSUN river dredging dehydration and separation system is used for river desilting sludge and sewage separation device, the system is composed of shaker, desilter, desilter and horizontal screw centrifuge. Based on different coolness, you can choose 3-6 level separation system.

Worldwide, the dewatering of river dredging is a major obstacle to river desilting projects. The dredging system, with shale shaker, desander and desilter, can remove mud over 25 microns, but fine particles under 25 microns cannot be treated. At this time KOSUN horizontal screw centrifuge came in handy.

Advantages of KOSUN horizontal screw centrifuge in river dredging system:
1. The amount of chemical agents used in the centrifuge will be significantly reduced, because the high separation factor of the centrifuge can effectively separate fine particles;
2. Maintenance is simpler and requires less service;
3. It can be widely used in the treatment of silt in different navigation channels;
4. Can separate cleaner water;
5. The centrifuge is easier to install and requires a smaller footprint;
6. The centrifuge can be automated, requiring less manpower;
7. Water resources needed for washing equipment can be saved.
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