Drilling mud system equipment can be divided into two parts.
Drilling mud system equipment includes: dry shaker, sand and mud removal machine, cuttings dryer, drilling fluid centrifuge, screw conveyor, screw pump, etc. The treatment process of this set of equipment can be divided into two parts: first, solid-liquid separation and waste residue recovery unit; Second. Waste drying unit. According to the processing process of these two parts, the functions of the system equipment are as follows:
I. solid-liquid separation and waste residue recovery stage. The treatment equipment of this stage includes: drying vibrating screen, desander and desilting all-in-one machine.
1. Its vibrating screen function is used to recover the mud in the cuttings, so that the fluid content/oil content in the cuttings can be reduced to about 10%, part of the drilling mud can be recovered, so as to reduce the drilling cost, at the same time, reduce the amount of drilling waste, so as to reduce the pollution to the environment.
2. The function of the all-in-one desander and desliming machine is to further separate the smaller particles and treat the solid phase by vibrating screen to dispose the sand and mud in the mud.

Ⅱ. Waste drying stage. The treatment equipment at this stage includes: screw conveyor and drilling cuttings
1. The function of the screw conveyor is mainly used for conveying powder, granule and small block materials. The screw conveyor is not suitable for conveying materials that are easy to deteriorate, viscous and agglomerate. At this point, the main function of the screw conveyor is to send the waste residue filtered by the shaker, desander and desilter to the drilling-cuttings dryer for drying.
2. The main function of the dryer is to separate the solid and liquid phases by centrifugal separation. It can effectively recover the liquid component in the cuttings, make the solid phase transition very dry, and reduce the mud content in the cuttings to the minimum.
3 screw pump is the main function of oil and water separation device ideal conveying pump, sewage treatment device conveying pump, for a variety of difficult to convey the medium can be used to convey the pump. Screw pump has the advantages of high efficiency, strong self-priming ability, wide application. At this point, in the system, the function of the screw pump is to feed the mud into the centrifuge again separation processing.
4. The main functions of the centrifuge are mainly used for recovering barite, removing fine solids, reducing the solid content of drilling fluid, controlling the density and viscosity of drilling fluid, ensuring the performance of drilling fluid and playing an important role in fast drilling.

KOSUN mud non-falling waste treatment system can recover and treat drilling fluid waste, reduce treatment cost, recover useful mud or water, realize resource reuse, avoid waste pollution to the environment, meet local government regulations for waste environmental protection discharge requirements, protect the environment.
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