Solid control system plays an important role in oil and gas drilling.
Origin of solid control system: During drilling, the drilling fluid enters the formation through the drill pipe and is discharged along with the drilling waste after application. Because mud is expensive and can damage the environment, solid-state control systems are created.

The solid control system is also called the drilling fluid circulation system. In the drilling process, the drilling fluid circulation system is one of the important systems of the whole drilling machine. In the process of drilling, especially in deep Wells, rock formation, gas formation or underground hot springs are often encountered. In the process of rock formation drilling, the huge friction of rock mass is very harmful to the drill, while in the process of drilling, gas formation or hot spring is very easy to cause the well kick, blowout, in this case, mud will be used.



Drilling mud usually contains suspended solids, colloidal mud mixture, oil, or a mixture of oil and water. Mud can be divided into water-based mud, oil-based mud and mixed mud. During the drilling process, the drilling mud can effectively lubricate the drill bit, and the mud with barite and flocculent can effectively balance the bottom pressure and prevent blowout and wellbore.
In recent years, with the improvement of national environmental protection laws and regulations, environmental protection law enforcement has been intensified, and the pollution control and resource utilization of solid waste generated in the production process has become a major problem facing the oil industry.Sludge has been listed as waste mineral oil in the national hazardous waste list, and related laws such as the national clean production promotion act and the solid waste environmental pollution control act also require that sludge must be treated without harm.Rapidly following the national policy of environmental protection, develop the green environmental protection to repair equipment, sludge treatment and soil vibration separation, centrifugal separation technology with fluid mechanics, solve environmental waste disposal in the process of solid liquid two phase separation problems, through the subsequent processing function, reduce the pollutant emission, recovery of available resources and meet the requirements of environmental protection of emissions standards and local government.


The solid control system includes main drilling fluid vibrating screen, drilling mud vacuum degasser, drilling fluid sand remover, drilling fluid mud remover, drilling fluid centrifuge and other solid control equipment. These solid-state control devices act as a series of sieves of different sizes, filtering through layers to purify the mud.
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