Mud agitator is a kind of drilling mud tank type solid control equipment.
Mud agitator is a kind of drilling mud tank type solid control equipment, which is mainly used for mixing drilling fluid, preventing solid phase particles of drilling fluid from depositing in its tank type circulation system, and making the circulating drilling fluid performance stable and mixed evenly. The transmission structure of mud agitator is mainly composed of motor, reducer, coupling and agitator shaft. There are not many types of mud agitators commonly used in fixed control equipment. There are two kinds of mud agitators: gear driven mud agitator and turbine worm driven mud agitator.
Mud agitator is mainly composed of explosion-proof motor, reducer, frame and wave wheel assembly. The motor and reducer, reducer and wave wheel shaft are connected by rigid coupling. The wave wheel is composed of 4 blades welded together.
mud agitator

Installation and maintenance of mud agitator:
1. When installing the mud agitator, lift the agitator horizontally and place it at the position to be installed smoothly. After adjusting the coaxiality <0.39mm, weld 4 M16 hole seats on the tank and tighten the fixing bolts of the machine seat;
2. The mud agitator coupling must pretend to be a spring pad and should be firm and reliable, otherwise it will cause the deviation of the wave wheel shaft and aggravate the wear of the reducer;
3. Abnormal conditions such as no noise, cassette and excessive temperature should occur in the mud agitator during operation. Otherwise, stop the machine for inspection and troubleshooting.
4. Oil level of mud agitator reducer should be maintained in the middle of the oil window, and make up the lubricating oil often when working.120# industrial gear oil is recommended. Other lubricants with appropriate particle size may also be used when field requirements are not met.
mud agitator

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