Oilfield drilling mud cooling technical requirements
In the process of oilfield drilling, long-term high-temperature drilling work will have huge adverse effects on the performance of drilling fluids. The new oilfield drilling mud cooling technology will reduce the temperature of the drilling fluid, stabilize the performance of the drilling mud, promote the drilling speed, and prevent the safety accident that the drilling mud of excessive temperature will scald the staff.

Oilfield drilling mud cooling technical

The technical requirements of natural heat dissipation evaporative mud cooling are mainly manifested in that when the mud returns to the ground, the actual temperature of the mud is often higher than the normal ambient temperature. If the length and width of the circulation process of the mud tank can be increased, lengthened and slightly appropriately widened, the effect of heat dissipation and temperature reduction of the mud can be further achieved, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. The requirement for low-temperature solid conduction mud cooling is to put low-temperature solids in the mud pool, such as ice cubes. Ice cubes are used to cool the mud in the mud pool by heat conduction. The scope of application of this method is generally used in the cooling of water-based mud, when the temperature of the mud returned to the surface is not high, and the temperature difference between entry and exit is not large.
The technical requirements for forced mud cooling of mud cooling device equipment are generally to use a high-power fan to cool down with cool air, and another is to use a cooling tower to eliminate the heat in the mud through evaporation to achieve the cooling effect of the mud. In medium and high temperature geothermal drilling and deep oil and gas field drilling, when the temperature of circulating mud is greater than 75°C, drilling mud cooling equipment must be used for timely and rapid cooling. At present, my country's oilfield mud cooling system technology is not very mature, but with the development of natural gas hydrate drilling technology, oilfield drilling mud cooling technology has gradually been paid more and more attention and research.

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