Shield muck treatment solution effectively separates the stone, sand, and water in the muck
The treatment of subway shield dregs has always been a major problem in tunnel excavation engineering. At present, there is no comprehensive shield dregs treatment program in China. Basically a customized treatment plan. In the engineering practice, we constantly discover problems and improve equipment to make the muck treatment plan mature, systematic and efficient.
The amount of slag produced by the subway shield construction is huge, which requires a large amount of equipment processing; the composition of the subway construction slag is complex, including stones, gravel, sand, soil, water, etc., improper treatment can easily cause environmental pollution and Potential safety hazards. If the urban road damage and environmental impact caused by the export of muck cannot be solved in time, the problem of shield construction blocked due to the inability of the muck to be transported out of the country will also be blocked.
The muck treatment system developed by KOSUN for the subway shield has recently been successfully put into use in a domestic subway project and has achieved initial results. The belt conveyor system is used to transport the newly excavated muck from the depth of the tunnel to the ground muck separation system. In the hopper, the final separated coarse sand and fine sand are transported to trucks through a pull-up belt conveyor to separate and dry the slag, so as to realize the reuse of inorganic raw materials, water resources, and the recovery and reuse of the slag. The shield muck treatment solution effectively separates the stone, sand, and water in the shield muck, so the volume of the outgoing muck transportation project is greatly reduced, and a lot of construction costs are saved.

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